Our training cadre will tailor a LE/MIL sniper courses of instruction around your department or unit’s operational needs. They can range between 2 to 10 days in length, and will be located either at your location, or one of our training sights around the United States. Our locations offer engaging targets at known and unknown distances out to 1000 yds at our North Carolina location, or extended long range engagements with high winds up to 2000m in the Rocky Mountain region. Our instructors teach the most current sniper techniques and procedures, and use the latest sniper/observer equipment.


please contact if you’re interested in customizing this course for your unit or department, visit our schedule page to see our open enrollment courses.



Ammunition (600 rounds for a typical 5 day course), sniper rifle with scope, bipod, sling, spotting scope with tripod, full kit (body armor, helmet, your equipment worn when on mission or on a call out), night vision ( if applicable), laser range finder, ear protection, optics, cleaning kit, rear bag, calculator, note pad & pen/pencil, shooting sticks, and an assault pack or rucksack.

Equipment/Ammo can be purchased or rented through Mile High Shooting



We recommend a scope level, binoculars, long sleeve shirt,  and seasonal clothing.


Subject Matter

Subjects covered include but not inclusive to, set up of scope and sniper weapons system, ballistics and ballistic engines, wind estimation, surveillance, urban and rural hide sites, shooting with night vision, rapid engagement techniques, alternate shooting positions, and mission planning.