Mile High’s trainers have experience in every facet of shooting as an LE/MIL discipline and can customize a class for your department’s needs. We stay up-to-date on the latest equipment and technology so that we can help you get the most out of your weapons, data collection tools, riflescopes, thermals and night vision. We can also tailor classes to the needs of your city and environment, offering classes in both urban and rural tactics, sniping, ballistics, and long range shooting.

Accuracy International Rifle Being Fired
Accuracy International Rifles
night vision and thermal
Night vision & Thermal
Law Enforcement Ammo
LE Ammunition


Test and Evaluation is a critical process to ensure your agency is satisfied with the equipment before making the final purchase. Our LE Division at Mile High Shooting Accessories offers our Law Enforcement Agencies a T&E period for a variety of equipment such as:  Accuracy International Rifles in all current platforms, Optics, Night Vision, Thermals, Thunder Beast Suppressors, and accessories such as Tripods.  We work with agencies in identifying the product(s) they are interested in, establishing a written T&E Agreement and shipping the items to that agency for testing.  Upon completion of the testing period, the agency ships all items back to Mile High Shooting Accessories.


Our trade or buyback program, is a way for departments to sell confiscated or Agency used weapons that we will in turn sell only to Law Enforcement personnel or agencies. Upon request we will provide the agency with the identification of the purchaser. We designed this program with the goal of reducing agencies additional inventory, while providing funds that otherwise may not be available to them.  We will provide either a check made payable to the department, or will issue a trade credit to be used toward the purchase of equipment, supplies, training, or anything else Mile High Shooting offers, ensuring that you get the most out of your additional inventory.


Mile High Shooting Accessories (MHSA) is one of the leading Law Enforcement Distributors in the nation, We have over 30 years in the Retail and Law Enforcement Industry and pride ourselves on our excellent customer service. There are over 100 U.S. Local, State and Federal Departments that have put their trust with Mile High Shooting Accessories and continue to count on us for support.

We are the exclusive LE Distributor for Accuracy International and Thunder Beast in the U.S, as well as the US distributor for Spuhr. MHSA is also a distributor for TAB Gear, L3, RuagHornady (Colorodo & Wyoming), GLOCK® Blue Label (Colorado), and Really Right Stuff.

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