The tactics and techniques taught in this course are designed to assist Law Enforcement snipers with their abilities to counter current and emerging threats. The focus will be on operating in urban terrain. We will discuss and do practical application of concealment with urban hide sites and vehicle hides. Shot clearance both near the shooter and near the target. The use of night vision, thermal and IR, the advantages and disadvantages of both and how best to utilize them. Ammunition selection for open air, barricade, and hardened target engagements and how they penetrate or over penetrate the target. Calculating leads for moving target engagement. Techniques used to interdict vehicle threats. Weak points of the vehicle, types of vehicles that maybe encountered, vehicle engagement and procedures used after the vehicle is disabled. The goal of this course is to expose officers to different scenarios they may encounter so that they can train and prepare their teams to counter these threats.

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Sniper rifle, Scope, Bipod, Sand sock/ rear bag, Sling, Spotting scope, Tripod with attachment for rifle (we will be shooting utilizing tripods frequently), Helmet, Body Armor, Night vision for rifle and helmet mounted, Weapon mounted laser if issued, Call out backpack/ruck, Hearing protection, Note book with pen and pencil, Calculator,  Cell phone with the Hornady 4DOF app, Seasonal clothing, Rifle cleaning kit, & Cleaning kit for optics.

500 rounds of ammunition

*For optimal training value bring gear used during a call out.



Equipment/Ammo can be purchased through Mile High Shooting


COURSE TOPICS: Engaging moving targets, obstacle clearance, barrier penetration, night time engagements, urban and vehicle hides, ammunition choices and vehicle interdiction.   


PREREQUISITS:  Certified Law Enforcement, active duty/reserve military, or National Guard personnel, in good standing with their agency. Students must be able to provide agency ID at the beginning of the course.

Prerequisites require a basic police sniper course and active LE current deployment as sniper.