Give students the tools to effectively engage targets with department organic sniper weapon systems and optics out to 800 yards, to include known distance, unknown distance, rapid engagements, low percentage targets and basic field craft skills. Prepare students to assist their department operations by providing accurate reporting and precision support fire from a concealed position. This is a 40 hour training course and includes a field training certificate.

please contact le.mil@milehighshooting.com if you’re interested in customizing this course for your unit or department. For open enrollment courses, please check out our schedule page.



Sniper rifle, optic w/ Mil or MOA reticle, bipod (swivel type), rear bag, helmet, body armor, call out backpack/ruck, sling, hearing protection, smart phone with the Hornady 4DOF ballistic application, tripod or shooting sticks, seasonal clothing, rifle cleaning kit. For optimal training value bring gear used during a call out.

500 rounds of ammunition


Equipment/Ammo can be purchased through Mile High Shooting

Sniper 1


Day 1

Classroom: Introduction and Overview of the course. Overview of sniper system, introduction to sniper optics, rifle setup, scope setup- level, eye relief and adjusting parallax. Introduction to ballistics. Ballistic software Hornady 4DOF.

Range: Body position and trigger control. Zero/Grouping exercise, Chronograph use. Target engagements 25 – 800 yards. Weapons cleaning SOP.

Day 2

Classroom: Wind estimation, range estimation, data cards cover and concealment.

Range: Estimating the wind velocity and direction and how to adjust for it when shooting. Range estimation using the scopes reticle. Using natural and artificial camouflage to conceal the snipers position.

Day 3

Classroom: Rapid target engagement techniques.

Range: Rapid target engagement 100-650 yards utilizing the techniques taught in the classroom. Positional/alternate shooting. Shooting will be done in body armor and helmet.

Day 4

Range: Snipers will make engagements from 25 – 700 yards during scenario based training.


Course will take place in Fort Morgan, CO